Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Example Of 'Global Warming' Speech Text

Assalamu Alaikum Wr. Wb

Ladies and Gentlemen

First of all, let’s thank God, the Almighty who gives us the mercy and blessings till we can attend this meeting without any obstacle in this special occasion.
Then, I will never forget to thank to the Chairman who has given me the opportunity to deliver my speech which is entitled “global warming” in front of you.

Ladies and Gentlemen
We know global warming is a serious problem which has encountered our planet since the middle of 20th century. Global Warming is mostly related to human activities. Most of our activities give big impact to the earth. Take a simple example, when we are riding our motorcycle, we contribute for the air pollution which is also one of several factors that support global warming. 

Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans. According to a report by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), global surface temperature increased 0.18 °C during the 20th century. 

The increasing of greenhouse gases is the main factor that improves the earth’s atmosphere temperature. Greenhouse gases are the result of some human activities, such as the burning of fuel in the motorized vehicle and also illegal logging. 

An increase in global temperature will cause sea levels to rise and will change the amount and pattern of precipitation. The increasing temperature is supposed mostly happening in the Arctic and it can be related to the retreat of glaciers and sea ice. Other effects include changes in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, species extinctions, and changes in agricultural yields.

Ladies and Gentlemen
Global Warming and related changes will vary from region to region around the globe, though the nature of these regional variations is uncertain. As a result of contemporary increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide, the oceans have become more acidic; a result that is predicted to continue. 

In Indonesia, the most clear prove that global warming really existing is the extreme weather that has happened since four or five years ago. The uncertain weather cannot be predicted as usual. Besides, we can also find that in big cities, such Jakarta and Yogyakarta, the temperature is hotter in drought season. 

Indonesia which is located in around the equator line seems to get the biggest impact of the extreme weather changing. In 1998, Indonesia has became the country with the hottest temperature and it may continue in the future.

Ladies and Gentlemen
I think that’s all my speech. I hope my brief description on the global warming will be useful for us.

Finally, I would like to say sorry if there are mistakes in my speech. Thank you very much for your attention.
Wassalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb.


  1. U should not say sorry to the audience, there is no apologize in a speech

    1. i dont think we have to say sorry in the end of our speech, we have to confident that we didnt make any mistake when we deliver our speech that the key to being a good speaker, be confident...

    2. have you ever gave a speech??? how do you know if it is good or not.... mind your own business..

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    1. If u dont know anything, u better shut up dude!

  3. thank you for your speech!!!lets save our planet!

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