Sunday, January 16, 2011

Expressing Happines, disapointment and Boredom

There are certain expressions which are used to express:
Happines, for example::
  • I am glad to hear that.
  • I am happy to hear that.
  • That’s great!
  • Wonderful!
Disappointment, for example:
  • That’s disappointing.
  • That’s too bad.
  • That’s real shame.
Boredom, for example:
  • That’s boring.
  • I am totally not interested.
  • How boring.
  • Dull.

Study the following dialogue!

In a canteen, Doni meets his friend, Harry, a boy who is enjoying a bowl of meatball soup.

Doni  : Hi, How’s it going?
Harry : pretty good, thanks. How about you?
Doni : I am glad to hear that, but I don’t feel good today.
Harry : Why? Do you have any problems?
Doni : Uhm…yes, I do. I get bad score for my Math test. As a result, my father is angry to me and cancel his promise to buy me a bicycle.
Harry : Oh, That’s very disappointing. I think you should talk to your father.
Doni : Yeah, I just want to explain to him the reason why my Math score is bad. I hope he’ll understand.
Harry : That’s good, Doni. Goodluck! By the way, I have to meet Mr. Pandu right now.
Doni : Mmm, Ok. I just stay here. See you.
Harry : See you.